Who We Are?

Haircase is a boutique company in Portharcourt, Nigeria that caters to the average woman’s desire for luxury hair. With customer-centric policies that work for our customers’ utmost satisfaction and our professionally sourced human hair wigs that cut across all hair types, we are determined to be your go-to source for head-turning hair pieces.

Quite indeed, Haircase is your last hairstop!


  • What do Haircase wigs weigh?

Most of our wigs weigh anything between 200g – 500g of hair. However they are made from bundles and lace pieces. Where each bundle weighs between 100g – 110g, each closure weighs approximately 50g and each frontal weighs approximately 70g.


  • Should I flat iron, blow dry or tong my hair?

Of course you can! Make the most out of your luxurious locks and enjoy its versatility, but just like your own hair, excessive heat will dry it out and in reality, shorten its lifespan. So it’s advisable to use a heat protectant on your extensions before applying heat or better still, bending rollers or flexi rods more often.


  • Do Haircase wigs shed or tangle?

You should be able to effortlessly run your fingers through our wigs. Our hairs shouldn’t shed or tangle if they’re properly cared for. However if they shed it might be as a result of cutting the wefts on installation or forceful/excessive brushing. Tangling can be caused by too much oil, salt water, chlorine, dirt build up, chemicals, or by simply not combing or finger detangling your hair properly.


  • How should I sleep with my hair?

For curly hairs, braid or twist the hair loosely and wrap it into a silk or satin bonnet (sleeping cap). Ensure your hair is dry before going to bed. Wet hair can make your hair tangle and smell.


  • Can I swim with my hair?

Most definitely! As long as you braid or put it in a pony tail to avoid it from tangling and ensure you wash out all the chlorine and apply some leave-in conditioner to make it soft and manageable.


  • How long will my wig last?

Our human hairs have been known to last for a minimum of 5 years and more. Depending on individual wear and maintenance the tracks of your wig or knots on your lace might need to be touched up. Kindly contact us here  when the time comes and we will be happy to assist you!


We currently ship with DHL and for your satisfaction and ease, we deliver your order to your doorstep, no parks or pickup centers. The following states, countries and continents show the different delivery times.

Port-Harcourt City

1-2 working days

Nigerian Cities

2- 3 working days

Rest of The World

4-8 working days


If you will like to make an inquiry, you can contact one of our numerous customer care representatives through the following channels:
Phone +2348163652587
Email support@myhaircase.com


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