Who We Are?

Quite a number of women around the world use hair extensions but surprisingly, very few of these women have been fortunate to have the satisfaction they desire from their hair. Haircase is a luxury human hair extensions company in Portharcourt, that caters to the average woman’s desire for gorgeous hair. With customer-centric policies that work for our customers’ utmost satisfaction and our lustrous locks of hair that cut across all hair types, we are determined to the go-to source and solution for hair. We do this because we understand that the last thing a woman should be worried about is the bounce in her hair, it’s natural luster and most importantly, the stream of compliments it attracts. So from the initial purchase, up until years of use, our relationship with clients never really come to an end as we keep them updated on hair care regimens, hair maintenance, new services and lots more. Quite indeed, Haircase is your last hairstop!


  • How many bundles of hair do I need for a sew-in?A single bundle of our hairs is weighed at 95-100g. Therefore 2 bundles will be enough for a sew-in using 10 – 14inches. For a sew-in using 16- 20inches 3 bundles will suffice. For lengths 22inches and longer, 4 bundles is advisable. To achieve a very full look an extra bundle or two can be added.
  • Should I flat iron, blow dry or tong my hair? Of course you can! Make the most out of your luxurious locks and enjoy its versatility, but just like your own hair, excessive heat will dry it out and in reality, shorten its lifespan. So it’s advisable to use a heat protectant on your extensions before applying heat or better still, bending rollers or flexi rods more often.
  • Does Haircase hair shed or tangle? You should be able to effortlessly run your fingers through our luxury hairs. Our hairs shouldn’t shed or tangle if they’re properly cared for. However if they shed it might be as a result of cutting the wefts on installation or forceful/excessive brushing. Tangling can be caused by too much oil, salt water, chlorine, dirt build up, chemicals, or by simply not combing or finger detangling your hair properly.
  • How should I sleep with my hair? For curly hairs, braid or twist the hair loosely and wrap it into a silk or satin bonnet (sleeping cap). Ensure your hair is dry before going to bed. Wet hair can make your hair tangle and smell.
  • Can I swim with my hair? Most definitely! As long as you braid or put it in a pony tail to avoid it from tangling and ensure you wash out all the chlorine and apply some leave-in conditioner to make it soft and manageable.
  • How long will my hair last? Our human hairs have been known to last for years and more but our virgin hairs are stronger and last longer.


We currently ship with DHL and for your satisfaction and ease, we deliver your order to your doorstep, no parks or pickup centers. The following states, countries and continents show the different delivery times.

Port-Harcourt City

1-5 working days

Nigerian Cities

2- 5 working days

Rest of The World

4-8 working days


You can speak to one of our numerous customer care representatives through the following: Phone 08163652587 Email myhaircase@gmail.com


We are glad that out of the many options you had, you chose Haircase! Please, don’t feel shy to share your amazing experience with everyone!


If for any reason, you are displeased with your order and wish to make a return, below is our policy that covers just that. We currently do not offer refunds but with time, this policy will be modified to suit the interest of our esteemed customers.
  • In an event the package sent to you is not the same as that which you ordered, please notify our customer care service. You will be required to take photographic proof of your delivered goods and a return case will be opened on your behalf. In this instance an exchange will be made available.
  • In an event where the quality of the product you received is not what it is meant to be, please notify our customer care service. You will be required to take photographic proof of the hairs condition and if need be, a return case will be opened on your behalf. In this instance an exchange will be made available.
  • In an event where the hair has been chemically or mechanically processed by hot water, acid, bleach or dye, returns will not be made.
  • Our returns policy only takes effect on cases reported within one month of purchase, after this time, returns will not be made


To ensure that we offer our clients a safe and easy transaction platform, we’ve chosen gateways that suit our customers from all over the world. They include; • MasterCard • VISA Naira Card • Verve Card • Direct Bank Transfer